Foundation Gillissenvaarders



Objectives of the foundation

The objectives of the foundation are described as follows:

“Preserving and taking care of – in the broadest sense of the word – the architectural heritage of yacht designer Theo Gillissen, preserving the many designs as historical documents, as well as promoting of activities and mutual contacts between owners of boats designed by Theo Gillissen.”


Activities of the foundation

The main activities resulting from the objectives are:

– Maintaining an archive of Theo Gillissen’s architectural heritage.

– Organizing meetings for Gillissenvaarders; the starting point is that every Whitsun weekend a ‘wet’ meeting is organized and annually in the winter period a ‘dry’ meeting.

– Maintaining the website to support the archive function and to promote broad communication.

– Publishing newsletters ‘from and for Gillissenvaarders’ for the purpose of promoting mutual contacts between Gillissenvaarders; 3 newsletters are emailed to members every year.



Michiel Maters, owner of the Gillissen kotter ‘Grote Beer’, has had personal contact with yacht designer Theo Gillissen a few times. After Th. Gillissen passed away, Michiel took the initiative in 2003 to start with the ‘Gillissenvaarders’. The first meeting of Gillissenvaarders was on June 5, 2004.



The Gillissenvaarders Foundation was established in April 2015 and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 63140837.

The Foundation intends to give some structure to our club of Gillissen boat owners without changing the nature of the meetings and other activities compared to the original intention.

This Foundation structure is desirable in connection with the separation of personal property and money flows from those of the foundation. The legal entity has its own cashier from which costs are paid. Also, it are not the board members who own goods and resources, but the Foundation, also when the board is renewed.

All activities of Foundation Directors are completely voluntary and unpaid. All owners of Gillissenboats registered with the Foundation are involved in the activities.


Membership of the Gillissenvaarders

Owners of ships designed by Theo Gillissen can become a participant of the Gillissenvaarders Foundation (‘member’) for an amount of € 15.00 per year. The registration form can be found on this website under the ‘Forms’ button.

Members can fly the Gillissen flag on their ship, which can be ordered from the secretary of the foundation.

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