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This Gillissenvaarders website contains information about the Gillissenvaarders Foundation and the activities.

By clicking the Gillissenvaarders flag on the left upper corner you will see information about yachts of the members, events, news, publications and other information concerning Theo Gillissen and his designs.

The buttons on top of this page also contain different pieces of information, of which the newsletters and a registration form for new members.


The club of Gillissenvaarders exists since 2004. It is a cosy and active foundation. Yearly around Whitsun a member weekend will be organized in  a different marina every year. Coffee palaver, jetty drinks, excursions, BBQ or dinner buffet are part of the program starting on the Friday before Whitsum and ending Whitsun Sunday.

Also in winter seasons one or two meetings will be organized with interesting presentations and/or visits.


Are you the owner of a Gillissen yacht?

About 800 yachts have been built based on a Gillissen-design! Also yachts built by Valk, Dolman and Linden originated from Gillissen-designs.

We are trying to create an archive with details about the Gillissen yachts, shipyards, production years etc. All information is very welcome. Please mail details of your yacht to

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