Fall event 2021 Gillissenvaarders

Dear Gillissenvaarders,
January 2020 is the last time we met. The corona measures have played tricks on us all and ensured that the board could not organize anything for you, as a participant of the Gillissenvaarders Foundation.
However, now that the infections are gradually declining and the number of vaccinations is increasing, the board has organized an autumn event in Den Helder in collaboration with the Rescue Museum.
However, this is under the strict conditions that the corona measures will not become stricter than they are now and that it can be safe for everyone. Given the average age cohort of the Gillissenvaarders, the board hopes that you have had yourself vaccinated.
What do we do? On Saturday 9 October 2021 we will go to the National Rescue Museum Dorus Rijkers, Willemsoord 60G, 1781 AS Den Helder (www.reddingsmuseum.nl).
There we get, accompanied by a guide, a tour of the museum, a lecture by and about the KNRM, you can make an audio tour about Willemsoord and we have lunch in restaurant “Stoom” (www.restaurantstoom.nl), which is located next to the museum.

The tour and the lecture are limited in terms of number of people, therefore the maximum number of participants is set at 60. So first come, first served.

At 10 o'clock we gather in the restaurant of the museum, have coffee with cake and then we are divided into 2 to 3 groups and we start around 10.30 am with the guided tour, lecture and (possibly) the audio tour. These parts take about 1 hours each, so we can start lunch around 12 noon. We have reserved an hour for lunch so that we can start another round at 1 o'clock. We will finish the visit around 2.30 pm and for the enthusiast we can have a drink in restaurant “Stoom” afterwards.
The costs for this day are € 25.00 per person, this is all-in, so entrance, coffee, guided tour, lecture and audio tour. If you are interested, please transfer the amount times the number of people to account number NL88RBRB0944017193 in the name of. treasurer of the Gillissenvaarders o.v.v. Den Helder.
The closing date for registration is Wednesday, September 15, 2021. If there are more registrations than 60, we will have to disappoint some people and the amount deposited will be refunded.
There is ample parking available in the Willemsoord Zuid car park. The museum and restaurant are accessible to the disabled. Since July 3rd the museum has a completely renewed exposition, viz. “Sunk Rescues”. We look forward to seeing you participate in this day in good health.

Yours sincerely, Leslie and Wout Kraaijeveld +31(0)644266257 Jan de Haan +31(0)622765665

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