One of the objectives of the Gillissenvaarders Foundation is “to preserve the architectural heritage and the many designs of yacht designer Theo Gillissen in the broadest sense of the word.”

The website is also part of this archive. Photos, drawings, brochures, articles, etc. of Gillissen ships can be found on the website, but also reports and photos of the meetings of the Gillissenvaarders and also the Newsletters with all kind of background information.


In 2020, after consultation between John Meijwaard and Matthijs Gillissen, all drawings of Gillissen designs still present in the office of Matthijs were digitized. The digital files are kept by Matthijs and John. As Gillissenvaarders Foundation we now have a large archive of drawings available. It has been agreed with Matthijs that nothing will be copied, published, etc. without his permission. But in any case, we can usually answer questions about drawings and designs.


Are all drawings available of all ships designed by Theo Gillissen? Unfortunately not; drawings were commissioned and went to the buyer and shipyard. So there is a lot now, but by far not everything. Therefore, we appeal to anyone who has drawings or other archive material, or has questions about it, to contact John Meijwaard at

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